Pre-Conceived Notions


the first time we met, I stood knee deep in lust
took advantage of your smile
never thought I would fall for it
too young to realize I’ve just never met a man before
dancing in your eyes
to gamble my last just for a chance to see you again
your words,
so elegant that I thought deception wrapped its arms around my waist
to convince me our love was nothing but child play
to hold nothing in my heart but a piece of your gaze
and now
just maybe
you’ll let me kiss the anger from your voice
babysit your thoughts in my lap
let you feed on the wisdom of my breast
and we’ll dance neck up in peace & tranquility

7 Keys to Peace

• Speak with Integrity; say only what you mean

• Accept Simplicity, never make things any more challenging than it really is

• Seek to improve on at least one thing in your personal life everyday without acknowledging the challenges that come with it

• Never focus more on the faults of others than those of your own; you’re always your own worse enemy

• Never exhaust your energy on problems you can’t solve

• Don’t use your words to speak against yourself, or against others

• Don’t take things so personally; nothing others do or say is a reflection of you



Peace can only exist if you want it to. When we are immune to the thoughts and actions of others, we won’t be the victims of endless suffering.