Exerpts: Pearls Before Swine Vol #1

ISBN: 9780692207154
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I SQUEEZED to get passed the niggaz in the hall; and half naked women with hutchie mama shorts on as we used to call ‘em.

“Oh my bad shaty” said an unidentified male.

“Shaty?” I wonder if he knew he was talking to a woman at least sixteen years his senior, I shook my head. Why couldn’t my people do right? The project buildings were gone but the green apartments became a quick replacement. Krazy’s apartment (a nick name she got a while back cause lil mama don’t take no mess!) was on the first floor. We grew up together, been tight since 6th grade. We always talked about being grown-ups and getting married. I was supposed to have eight kids by now! While she successfully had her four, sometimes I wish she had none. We were supposed to be gazillionaires with huge families who took road trips to nowhere only because we could afford it! Like the song says, “back in the day when I was young…I’m not a kid anymore it’s some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.”Maybe then, if we were still kids, she would’ve never got hooked on that stuff. For some reason or another, fate led us into two separate directions. I bypassed her door to head to the steps for Big Sam’s apartment.
I slammed my knuckles against the door.

“Ey T, get tha doe!” shouted Big Sam

Yep, that was Big Sam alright, loud, fat, and lazy as all get out.


When attorney Tina Brown discovers she’s finally given her first case after years of desk work, she is unprepared for what awaits her. Two young Black men are accused of raping a famous hair stylist on the West Side of Chicago, sending the media into chaotic excitement. But for Tina, things change when she comes to find that the young man she’s assigned to defend is the same young man who sells drugs to her best friend, and forbidden magical diamonds are found by those related to the case.

Sidney Jackson is the Journalist for Sista 2 Sista Magazine and spends most of her time away from home. Her 12 hour days and in-between visits to her own home leave Black, (her successful insurance agent boyfriend of the past two years); yearning for some much needed attention. But as the recently appointed Journalist for the new rape case stealing headlines, Sidney is unwilling to oblige, that is until she finds one of the diamonds and her life is forever changed.

Chareese is the prominent owner of her own catering business and is prepared to tell off anyone who steps in her way of success. Outspoken, and driven, she’s unwilling to tolerate those who cannot see the world her way. Also known as “Reese”, she prides herself in being brought up in a good home with parents who are still married. But how does her world change when she finds out her boyfriend is about to stand trial in the biggest news story of the millennium?

An African American male with a strong sense of identity and heritage, Malaki is unaware of that the cutie he’s watching moving with rhythm to the beat of soft instrumentals would ignite something special in his heart. Often mistaken for a preacher (or Muslim), he teaches members of the black family the importance of history and how such history affects their state of mind today. But when Malaki meets Tina for the first time, ancient revelations reveal shocking secrets.


” Pearls before swine is amazing! If you haven’t read it yet, I defiantly recommend you read this book. I can see it becoming a movie.”
— Jessica Sandhu, Tacoma, WA

GOLD Top Pick
“This is an amazing book. You can find yourself playing out each scene as if a movie is playing out in your mind. Each character has a story that you can somehow relate to yourself. Wonderfully written this page turner will have you asking for more and more. This is a book that was truly hard to put down. Really looking forward to Volume 2. If you do not have it, it is a must have for any reader. BUY THIS BOOK!! What are you waiting for? ”
—Constance Washington, Fort Wayne, IN

” If you haven’t gotten this book, I highly recommend it…Yecheilyah Ysrayl, YOU ROCK… this book is good!! Much love your way.”
— Zerahyah, Philadelphia

” This book is amazing….”
—Imani, Canada




Save those Soap Scraps!

Yall know the feeling, you get down to those tiny pieces of soap you can no longer use and you throw them away. After all, they can become unsightly to the eyes after while, not enough to cover your body anyway right? Wrong! Save those soap scraps!

Today, we’re going to learn how to make new bars of soap from recycled soap scraps. It’s super easy and can save money on those rainy days (I suggest storing them away until you really need them). You will need:


Soap Scraps
Small Pan
Olive Oil
Soap Mold


The first thing you’ll want to do  is to start saving those tiny scraps in some kind of dish or container. Save them until you have at least enough to fill one cup.

When you’re ready, take your scraps and put them in the small pan, add water.

You’re going to let this soak for one complete day, stirring occasionally. Don’t panic when the soap melts down, that’s what it’s supposed to do.

After your soap has had its bath, bring the soap soup to a boil, watch and stir occasionally so that it does not burn.

When it comes to a boil remove from heat and stir in about a tablespoon of olive oil ( if there are any additional ingredients you want to add, such as food coloring or essential oil, do it now).

Pour this mixture into a greased (so it doesn’t stick) soap mold of choice, let harden. (If you’re using the soap mold pictured at the top, which I also happen to use, let it sit under a bowl or small pot for spills. I suggest securing a more secure soap mold otherwise. I intend to upgrade myself).

Cut into any size


Mine aren’t exactly pretty, but so far I have accumulated 4 bars of soap from our old soap scraps. I would have had more but I was just being lazy. Don’t sleep on this because you have it right now, but soap and toilet paper are key necessities people never seem to have available during emergency’s. While Water and Food are the most important, wouldn’t it be great to pull out a new bar of soap too? Even if you don’t need it, it can be useful to trade for what you do need. I think I have enough to make at least two more bars today. Six bars of soap without spending a dime, imagine that.  🙂

Embracing Change

Children have a tendency to think under the realm of simplicity. For this reason, we are encouraged to be in our mentality as a child, so that we maintain the humility necessary to receive the discipline of wisdom. Especially since there’s been awhile since many of us were children, so we have to be reminded of this kind of meekness, and to understand that most of the answers to the questions we look for are right here before us, but that we miss seeking “profundity”. Indeed, some of us need to seriously regress back into childhood and understand how simple things really are. But children also have a tendency to be unstable in their ways. They are more apt to move from place to place easily, despite danger. But as adults who have gained a certain level of experience, we cannot afford to be led astray by the elementary matters of childhood, in which we continue to trip over the same mistakes over and over again before we attempt to change them.

Change itself is difficult, for it is buried under years of routine and tradition. However embracing change when it is occupied by truth can cause great discipline, and create a greater understanding for the individual who is willing to grow up. It is a light that comes with maturity, illuminating the path of the elder. But not everyone of age is wise, for many of us are still easily led astray and stuck in our ways; plagued by the unchanging traditions of our youth. (There are countless old fools) And as some children are afraid of the dark, so are we who have yet to put off the instability of childhood; still heavier than darkness are we to ourselves. We can remove this burden however, if only we are willing to embrace change, and all of the gifts that come with it.